To See Christ

If you were to think about the world right now, what would be the first thought that would come to mind? If you were to walk down the busy city streets, what would be the first thing you would notice? I realized how easy it is for us to automatically spot what is going wrong in the world. It is so easy for us to see everything that has been twisted and turned, or what has been lost. It is so easy to spot who has fallen into the trap of the world's propaganda. But another thing that I realized as well...is it is very easy to fall into hopelessness and misery that way too. Every new place we walk into we automatically turn our focus to what is missing or what is wrong. It made me think about how much am I missing from the big picture with that kind of focus. If all I see is the bad and what is wrong, I become blind to see where Christ is...even in the darkness. If we look hard enough, we can find Christ in every new place we go to, and every new person we meet. Yes sometimes it can be harder to find, but what if we had that focus as our primary goal? What would happen if today you woke up to this new day and said, "Lord, open my eyes so that I can find you everywhere I go today and in every person I encounter." Give it a try today, and see how it changes your day! Walking Together, Sandra

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