To Feel God, You must Know Him

My dearest sisters,

A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with a friend and he asked me "Do you feel God?". Without really thinking about it, I said "Yes I do. I can feel His presence in my life very often."

Now, not everyone can say that they share this experience, and to some, it may seem impossible to feel God. But for me, I am so blessed to say that I have had those moments that it is like talking to my very best friend. Sometimes, I can feel His joy and laughter when I try to make Him laugh. Sometimes I feel his consolation when my heart is breaking into a million pieces. And He sits there and just listens to me and pours out His love.

But all of this isn't something that just happened. I think that with any relationship, it takes time to build and to grow. To get to know a person, you have to spend time with them and go into those deep conversations to get to know their heart.

The same thing is with our Lord, if you want to feel Him, you have to get to know Him. You have to be open to knowing and learning about His heart.

Now the most beautiful thing about the Lord's heart is that it is completely on fire for you. And He longs for you to know Him, to feel His presence in your life. He desires to truly be a part of your life. But the choice is ours my dearest sisters.

Do you wish to truly feel God? Feel His love? Feel His joy? His Comfort? If yes, then get to know Him.

Take some time this evening, find a quiet place to pray. Sit in silence and open your heart. Say, "Lord, I want to know You. I want to know Your heart. Help me to feel Your very real presence in my life."

I'm praying for you, my sisters.

In Christ, Diana

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