To be a human being

Dr. Gregory Bottaro is a Catholic Psychologist who created the Catholic Psych Institute (1). The purpose of this organization is to bridge the perceived gap between our faith and Psychology. Out of the various courses that they offer, I'm currently walking through one called "Catholic Mindfulness Virtual Retreat", where each day Dr. Greg offers a few minutes of insight and builds on it, day by day. There are then a few thought-provoking questions presented to help apply the teachings to life.

In one of this week's lessons, Dr. Greg's spoke on the self-defeating narratives that we've created over the years. They cause us to run (human doing). These narratives likely served us a specific purpose, particularly when we were kids, but now "they trap us". The most "immobilizing" scripts that I have are "I can't do it" as well as "perfect or nothing at all".

When I avoid doing something because of these scripts, I give them power.

Because I'm avoiding opportunity after opportunity, I sit way below my potential which leaves me feeling caged. According to these scripts, everything I do is an exam to be passed. It is to no surprise there that I have no idea how to be "playful and curious", just as Dr. Greg explains.

What can we do about this? Allow yourself to be a human being. One that is flawed, one that struggles with crushing thoughts, one that is exactly as they are. Noticing and observing, without judgment is what frees us. Noticing and observing allows us to get curious about ourselves and our world; to do things just for the fun of it and to be fully present in the here and now.

PS - Check out the virtual retreat to hear the full segment, as I only described it partially. It is well worth your time! *I am not getting any financial reward for encouraging you to do this. I simply find it very helpful and believe that you would too!*

(1) https://www.catholicpsych.com/

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