Though you make feel weak right now He is strong

The New Year often marks the beginning of a fresh start for many. New Years Resolutions, Hopes and Fears, Goals and new focuses. It's a great feeling, no doubt.

After the year we just had, though. For many, this kind of 'hope' and feeling of a fresh start might not be possible.

This post is for you.

Perhaps 2020 has left you feeling hopeless, afraid, and with the question of 'how will I go on?'.

If you feel this way, please do not be ashamed. I know you may feel lonely in feeling this way and like you are the only one, but be encouraged in knowing you are not.

The Lord sees your pain, your frustration, your worry, you fear, your sadness, your anger, your hurt; and all He wants to do is hold you close to His heart in that brokenness, to strengthen you.

Our Lord is a true Father, and like a parent that hurts when they see their child in pain, He wants to be with you, comfort you, and walk you through this New Year.

God has all the strength that you will ever need to make it through.

He has the last word. Trust that everything will be okay, for He will never leave our side.

My dear sister reading this,

Be encouraged and know how loved, important, cherish, and valuable you are. Though you may feel weak right now, He is strong, and He will carry you through.

I invite you to say this prayer today and throughout the year in your moments of weakness:

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

May He bless and guide you through all of 2021!

In joy,

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