This is My Body, Given Up For You

Dear Church Leaders,

Today I write this letter to you, to ask you to keep celibacy within the Priesthood.

There is lots of talk right now within the Church, about possible changes that will take place within the next coming months and I felt like I had to voice my opinion, in hopes that it will be heard.

Today, around the world, thousands of men have said the same words that Christ Himself professed; “This is my body, given up for you.”

These words are more than just words. They signify a profound act of selfless love for the Church, a marker of self-giving for every single member of the Body of Christ. Just like Christ, this self sacrifice can only be fulfilled through the total gift of self.

How can a married priest be a total gift of self if he is able to also give himself to his spouse? How can one man serve his Church family and his biological family? This simply could never work. One will always suffer because of the demands of the other.

Church Fathers, I ask that you look at your children and see that we recognize your sacrifice and need you to continue to be these total gifts of yourself, just as Christ has called you to do on the day of your ordination. We need holy men of God, that will continue to guide us on this earth, to be our spiritual Fathers.

We are praying for you.

In Christ, Diana

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