This is My Body

“My family is originally from South Africa, and we moved around a bit when I was young. My parents found their faith before I was born. They raised my brother and I in an Evangelical Christian denomination. We went to church and Sunday school, and we had a good foundation of faith. But our understanding of the faith was very strict and almost legalistic.

My dad wanted to study philosophy, so we moved to the states so that he could go to an Evangelical Seminary. It was there that he started reading more about the Catholic Church. He read St. Thomas Aquinas and the Church Fathers. It was there that he realized that the Catholic Church is the true church that Jesus Christ Himself founded.

My dad had a conversion of faith and really wanted to become Catholic, but he wanted my whole family to convert as well. My mom was ready. But I was hesitant. I wasn’t ready to convert yet.

I went away to university and there I wanted to become very involved with the non-Catholic Christian groups on campus. I met them and they were all wonderful. I really wanted to go out to their events but every discipleship group or social event conflicted with my class schedule so I could not attend any. But through them, I met some Catholics and went to the Newman Centre in Toronto. There I made lots of friends, started going to lots of different events and even started going to daily Mass.

I always struggled with the Catholic Church. We had been given lots of incorrect information about what the Catholic Church was, about the Pope, and that the Church was extremely corrupt. But when I met Catholics that actually lived out their faith, I was so drawn to see more.

I joined the RCIA program with my parents to gain more knowledge about the Catholic Church, but I was incredibly hesitant because I didn’t want to be hypocritical and just convert because of my family or friends. I wanted to have that encounter with Christ.

I was at Mass one day, and I said, ‘Lord if you want me to be Catholic, show me’. As the Easter season approached, I remember going to Mass one day and the Priest lifting up the Eucharist and he said, “This is my body.” And I just knew in my heart, with 100% certainty, that this was Jesus.”

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