There IS another way to live, another way to see myself

I've been reflecting a lot, on where my self-worth used to derive from, how that affects me today, and what I can do to change anything that's not loving. This quote by St. Mother Teresa, part of a letter that she wrote, referenced in the book 33 Days to Morning Glory, summarizes exactly what I had been trying to do for so many years: be someone else.

I believed that there was absolutely no way on earth that I could be loved as I was.

As Christopher West explains, I rejected my body. I rejected my entire being. Unfortunately, this line of thinking doesn't change simply because I'm aware of it - it's a lot of intentional, internal work. Fortunately, I am not without a remedy. One of the things I've been doing, for instance, is amends to myself. I've been looking in the mirror and verbally apologizing to me for abandoning myself, promising myself that I will now take care of me, and actually learning to do it, through my daily choices and how I talk to myself.

This is why St. Mother Teresa's simple words spoke so much to my heart… a heart that longs to be accepted and loved exactly as I am, and who seemed to receive a different message for many years. Today I know that I choose what to believe in and what to reject, so the power rests in my hands.

I find the freedom scary, yet the opportunity incredibly empowering. There IS another way to live, another way to see myself. There is even a way to learn to love myself.

Create space to spend time with people who leave you feeling loved and nourished; cared for and special. Let them love you as you deserve to be loved.

With love,

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