Theology is the Study of God

Welcome to #TheologyThursdays!

We started earlier in September by focusing on different teachings regarding Theology of the Body (which OF COURSE I want to still include in here). But for our once a month Thursday series, we wanted to open the doors more and take a look at theology as a whole.

What is so special about our Catholic faith? Why does the Church believe what it does? How can we grow in knowing how to understand and explain it?

The word "Theology" itself when broken down we get this definition: "Theo-" which means GOD, "-ology" which means THE STUDY OF. Quite literally, theology is the study of God.

When we think about that, it isn't the same kind of study like math or science. We don't measure it, or sit in a lab with experiments to try and understand it. There is no logical formula or equation.

Our faith, first and foremost, starts with the aspect of a relationship. But how do we come to grow in that relationship. We have to KNOW the person we are in relationship with. The Study of God means the process of allowing God to reveal himself to us so that we can grow to know, love and serve him.

When a couple is in love, they have no problem answering the question why do they love each other, or how did they know they were the one for them? The same is with our faith. Do we know why we believe? Can we confidently answer that we love God and why?

It's a question I want us to think about today. Do you know why you believe in God? Are you able to confidently explain that to someone and be completely contempt and sure of your answer?

Walking Together,


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