The way He moves

I have noticed a pattern in my life, in which I always want to rush ahead. I never like the uncomfortable moments of being unsure of what I am suppose to do. I often try to rush God's timing in my life. I put deadlines on God in my life, in which I want things done my way. In the past, I would get angry when those deadlines were not met or when things didn't go the way I had planned.

But in the last little while, I have noticed how God moves in His own way, in His own timing with things. He moves in a leisurely pace, putting things into motion when He knows that it is right. Not when we want it, but when He knows that it is good for us.

I have been reflecting on how Christ moved about His life. When we look at the Bible, we saw that He never ran, He never rushed ahead. He never worried about what the Father had planned. He never stressed that He would mess up the Father's plan because He was faithful to Him and He knew His mission here on earth. If anything, Christ slowed down even more. He took the time to heal those who were sick, and He took naps in boats during storms. We can all learn a lot from Christ. Instead of running, walk step by step with God.

If we take the time to walk slowly with God, we will end up exactly where He wants us to be. We won't ever question if this is the direction that God wants us to take. We won't have feeling of doubt about His purpose in our lives. We will know that we are walking with Him, and we will be assured of our own mission in this world.

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