The Waiting Period

Dearest ladies,

In this world, the concept of 'waiting' is really hard to fully grasp and experience.

All we have to do is look around us, right now. In this special and important time of Advent, a time meant for us to wait with joy for the birth of Jesus Christ, everywhere we look, everyone is already far into the Christmas season. And it's been that way for over a month. Christmas music has been on the radio since early November!

In no way am I speaking down on anyone who loves Christmas and enjoys the music, decorations, etc. and to be quite honest, I am very much so guilty of prematurely celebrating Christmas during a time that's designed for waiting. I have had Christmas music on for weeks now! And my Christmas tree is already up.

But this year, I have really taken a pause to think about this. Why are we all getting ahead of ourselves? What is Advent really all about?

Advent, to me, mirrors so much of our life. I mean, have you ever really noticed that in our lives we are ALWAYS waiting for the next thing? Whether that be the next milestone, our next job promotion, or heck, even waiting for the weekend. So rarely do we simply enjoy this very moment, right now.

The truth is, we will always have something we are 'waiting' for. The game changer, really, is HOW we wait.

Do we wait with impatience? Or do we bask in the moment of waiting? Do we constantly wait for tomorrow? Or do we take a pause and thank God for the very season we are in, right now, thanking Him for the blessings of today?

I firmly believe that God has us in the place we are in right now, with great purpose.

If we are having a hard time in our life, naturally, we want to fast forward to the better of times. But over the years I have learned that A. God will never give us more than we can handle, and B. God only allows for situations that we can grow from. If you are in a hard time right now, take a pause to turn to Him. What is He wanting to reveal to you, right now?

And if things have been going pretty okay, but you're anxious because you're single and want to fulfill your desire of marriage and finding 'the one', have you ever considered that perhaps this is where God wants you to be right now, with a great purpose?

Maybe it is in your current single hood, that God can better prepare you for your future spouse, if that is your calling. Or perhaps He is calling you to do some discernment work. You truly never know what God can reveal to our hearts, if only we are open to Him.

We keep waiting. I know I'm waiting for something right now. What are you waiting for in your life? How are we waiting?

My dear sisters, there is our timeline, and then there is God's timeline. It's scary to think of letting go of our own control, but the truth is that the only One in control is God alone.

Though we have desires for our life, His desires for us are SO MUCH BETTER. I promise that if you fully allow Him in, you will one day look back and think 'wow, it all makes sense now.' I re-shock myself every time I look back on my life and am left speechless at just how perfectly everything worked out, and even the difficult seasons of my life had great purpose. Back then it sure didn't feel like it, but there were great blessings that came from every single season of my life. I almost wish I allowed myself to fully experience each moment instead of what felt like running from it towards the next thing.

So no matter where you are in your life right now (especially during this season of Advent, the season of waiting), may we mirror *authentic waiting* in our own lives. I really think Advent, among many other things, challenges us to meditate on true trust and the virtue of patience.

We already know Christ will be born. We don't ever doubt that. It's evident in how we celebrate with great confidence ahead of time.

In the same way, know that He has an incredible and unique plan for your life. Enjoy this period of waiting for whatever it may be that's to come next.

Prayer: Lord, grant us the virtue of patience. May we joyfully bask in the spirit of Your waiting while surrendering ourselves and our lives to Your will. Jesus, I trust in you.

Amen. ❤

Your sister in Christ, Kasia

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