The Truth

It's interesting how the devil can twist God's words and use them against His people.

We hear it time and time again. Yes, Christ welcomes all. But this is only a half truth. Yes, He meets us where we're at. But that's not the full story. If we consider the half, we must also consider the whole.

The truth is that Christ meets us in our sin, welcomes us into His arms, but only if we are open to His mercy and only if we make a firm resolution to turn away from sin. He meets us in our messiness, but He does not let us stay there! He calls us to Sainthood which requires a lot of work on our part: humility, self-denial, and constant examination of conscience.

Christ loves us in every state. There is no hate within Him. But He is a God of righteousness and justice. We must know that a true encounter of Christ requires us to take a long and hard look at our lifestyle and be open to constantly working on our areas of sin and weakness.

And so, next time someone says that Christ welcomes all, be reminded of the truth that He does this with the desire for us to be open to His complete transformation of our lives and hearts.

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