The rosary is not a dainty, gentle string of beads...it is a SWORD!

When I sit down to pray, or I want to bring in something deeper into my prayer life, I'll be very honesty...the rosary has usually been my last option.

For almost a year now the rosary has been the one form of prayer that I have struggled with the most and have been actively avoiding. I will gladly pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, or some other novena. But the thought of having to sit and do a rosary is not one that comes with excitement.

Why am I bringing this up? Do I have to pray the rosary? Am I a bad Catholic for not praying the rosary? The answer to that is no...it is not a form of prayer or devotion that we are obliged to do, in the same way like we are obliged to go to mass on Sunday or receive the Eucharist for the sake of our salvation.

HOWEVER! There is a deeper reason why I am sharing these struggles with the rosary. I was talking with a priest friend of mine and I was mentioning my struggle with prayer. First question he asked me was have I prayed the rosary? This was the one question I was dreading! In pure honesty I decided to admit to him that the rosary has been the one prayer I have been struggling with, that I always feel is dreading and dull, and that I have now been actively avoiding.

Being the wise and genuine friend that he is, he went deeper into that struggle with me. He told me that if I am feeling such a struggle and push back anytime I approach the rosary...that is usually a sign that someone is really working hard to keep me away from it because he knows the strength and power it will bring into my life. Who is this someone? Satan.

I went for a walk later that day and decided to take my rosary with me. I sat with those thoughts and started connecting the dots. The amount of struggle I felt with regards to the rosary was more than just a struggle to concentrate...it was something deeper keeping me from it.

Anytime you have this feeling that something is keeping you from a particular form of prayer or devotion is usually a good indication that you need to pray it EVEN MORE!

If you can in anyway relate to my struggle, I want to invite you to take on this battle with me! The rosary is not a dainty, gentle string of beads...it is a SWORD! There was a Bishop in Nigeria, Bishop Doeme, who was praying his rosary (this was around the time in 2014 when Boko Haram was infiltrating the area kidnapping young girls to be used and sold, killing innocent people, and much more) and he has a vision of Jesus standing in front of him holding a sword as if to give it to him. The minute this Bishop reached out to take the sword it was transformed into a rosary!

Intercession through our Blessed Mother, and in particular through the rosary, has been marked in monumental moments of history. From impossible battles being won to stopping radical movements from infiltrating certain countries and harming its people, and so much more.

It's no wonder that the Devil wants to keep us away from this! This is a spiritual sword that has more power than we can even imagine! If he is pushing us away from it...I say we push back and take up this powerful form of prayer once again!

Walking Together,


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