The Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy has changed my life in so many different ways.

The very moment I found out I was pregnant, I couldn't help but burst into tears. I felt a rush of emotions; joy, excitement, surprise, all mixed into this overwhelming feeling of great love. The thought that God had entrusted my husband and I with a little life left me speechless. I mean...Wow.

All of a sudden, my entire being shifted towards focusing on this little soul. I found out right before Lent had begun, and I had been contemplating giving up coffee for 40 days. I had never done that before and was afraid of how challenging those 40 days could be like. I love my coffee. The moment I found out I was pregnant though, without even giving it a second thought I had given up coffee and did so joyfully. The moment I knew there was a child within me, I knew that as his or her mother, I wanted to make choices that were the best for the baby's health and development.

I started watching more intensely what I ate, when I went to bed, and drank my weight in water. I've always struggled with strict discipline but suddenly that had become a thing of the past. Who was this new person? It was incredible.

I am now approaching my fourth month of pregnancy and that hasn't changed. If anything, it has only become stronger. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I do it with the thought of my child. It brings me so much joy and even though I haven't met him or her, I already love them so much.

Time has been feeling slower these days, too. The anticipation of November has made a week feel like a month. What has brought me great comfort in this time came with the celebration of the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25th, when Angel Gabriel appeared to our Lady to tell her that she would give birth to our Lord who's birth we celebrate nine months later on December 25th. I think about our Lady's patient and joyful awaiting of the birth of her Son, and it has been a great example of contentment and hope to me. I get to wait WITH her. It has allowed me to turn to her even more, leading me to consecrating my unborn child to her Immaculate Heart.

I did also want to mention that even with all the beauty of pregnancy, it's also very hard. I have experienced a lot of morning sickness and nausea and overwhelming fatigue. But even with the slight hardships here and there, it is all so worth it.

There is so much I could share, but right now keep sacred in my heart. I just wanted to share a few of these thoughts as pregnancy has been such a great focus in my life the past few months. As I continue on in this journey, I am savoring these precious moments and thank the Lord for this beautiful gift He has entrusted me with.

I am so excited for what Motherhood has in store. If you can today, please say a prayer for me and baby.

With love, Kasia

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