The power of the Rosary

This week, my 6-month-old daughter, Olivia, reminded me of the power of the rosary.

How is this possible, you may ask? She can’t even talk yet!

Olivia has been going through a growth spurt and has found a lot of comfort through breastfeeding and usually falls asleep at the breast.

Normally, once she would fall asleep, I would carefully and quietly put her in her crib. Lately, though, I haven’t been able to. Just seeing how quickly she is growing makes me want to absorb every moment.

And so, I let her sleep as I hold her. Often, this lasts for over an hour - just me and her, in our own little world away from everyone in silence.

It makes my heart burst with love and gratitude just watching my beautiful baby sleep, perfectly content in my arms. It is also probably the most relaxing thing ever. It is so hard not to just fall asleep with her. Sometimes, I end up falling asleep, too. But most of the time I stay awake.

I can’t do much as I am sitting and trying not to wake her up, so I have started to pray the rosary as often as I can.

The other day, I was holding Olivia and feeding her and as usual, she slowly started getting sleepier and sleepier as her belly got full.

Her eyes were already half open when I felt a strong urge to say a decade in the intention of her purity and protection (this is something I decided to start praying for since I found out I was having a girl).

I began to pray the decade in my mind, and suddenly, the most unexpected thing happened:

Olivia's eyes widened and fixated upon the image of the Holy Family right behind me, seconds after I started to pray though I had not uttered a word.

When I noticed her staring at the image with such intense focus, I felt chills all throughout. “No way”, I thought to myself.

"There is just no way."

I tried to distract her for a second by saying something to her. For a brief moment she looked at me, but then just as quickly she refocused her eyes on the image of the Holy Family. She has never done this before so I didn’t know what to quite make of it. I continued praying, and Olivia continued staring.

Halfway through praying, I felt the presence of our Blessed Mother so strongly that it brought me to tears.

My prayer life has been persistent but dry lately. It has been so difficult without the Sacraments and it has definitely impacted my spiritual life. The dryness of the soul is like a desert right now, but this little reminder, or ‘visit’ from our Lady (which I truly believe it was), reignited so much hope and spiritual fullness in my life.

Christ told us to be like children in our faith (Matthew 18:3), and I truly believe that the most pure hearted, our children, see things that we can’t. We cannot ever forget that the Catholic Church has supernatural components, after-all.

And sometimes, I believe that heaven sends us little signs just like the one that our Lady sent me this week.

If you have been also experiencing spiritual dryness, please know you are not alone! And I want to pass on the encouragement I received from our Lady this week and remind you all that heaven is with us; heaven is real and heaven, with all its angels and Saints, is by our side. We WILL persevere through God’s grace.

In the meantime, grab your rosaries and invite God into your day through prayer. Try to fit prayer in whenever you have moments of rest. It will give your heart and soul peace like no other.

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