The picture of our life.

This past weekend was filled with so many joyful moments and really great reflective conversations as I witnessed a dear friend of mine be ordained into the priesthood!

It brought me to think of how we are called to reach sainthood.

For every one of us, that path will be unique and different. But the end goal is the same...total unity with God in Heaven!

Have you ever thought of what that would feel like? Seeing God in his fullness and glory?

Have you ever imagined what seeing Jesus would be like?

I was drawn to a picture of a simple blank frame, because each one of us has a different image in mind of what that would look like. But what a blank frame also reminds me of is a picture waiting to be made. The picture of our life.

How do you reflect Christ in your life? If you were to place your life in a picture frame, would there be a picture of Christ...or of you?

I was drawn to this song called "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me as I reflected on that thought. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_lrrq_opng

I pray that it guides you throughout this new week as you take time to think about how are you reflecting Christ in your own life.

Walking Together, Sandra

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