The people you surround yourself with are important

A few weeks ago I went up north for a weekend hiking trip with some of my friends. Our plans didn't go exactly as we had hoped...they turned out better!

We went from being caught in a huge downpour for most of the hike, to being eaten up by mosquitoes, to jumping into a lake fully clothed. Not our ideal image of a hike I suppose. But when I look back at that weekend I am thankful for how it turned out.

I was with a group of women who made the choice to embrace an adventure and bring out each other's joyful and funny side. We could have easily sat in our disappointment of how the weather turned out and let the whole weekend just pass time, but we chose a different approach.

Regardless what the situation was, we were just blessed that we could spend the time together and the adventure we had was more than any of us ever imagined!

The people you surround yourself with are important. Be with people who know how to bring out the joy in you. Who can help you see the humour and light in a stormy situation.

Be with people who will get stuck in a down pour and start dancing in the rain! There is joy everywhere...be with those who help you find it.

Walking Together,

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