The mirror does not capture the fullness of YOU

She is an intricately woven fabric of desires and needs; weaknesses and strengths; likes and dislikes; lightness and darkness; memories; goals; and a hope-filled future prepared just for her. She is irreplaceable for the One that made her and that is why she identifies in Him, and does not allow a mirror to undermine the depth of who she really is.

The mirror is unable to capture the granddaughter that lights up countless hearts; the friend that is always there for you; the sister that yearns for connection; the step-mother that loves like no tomorrow; the cousin that dreams without end; the daughter that prays daily for her anxiety to be healed; the step-daughter that loves to sing; the aunt that knows heartache too well; the student that does all she can to study well but still struggles; the cashier that works so hard to put food on the table for her family; the volunteer that is incredibly committed to making a difference; the actress that won't let her disability to get in her way; the neighbor that seeks desperately to rekindle broken family relationships; the mother that can paint pictures that look like photos; the step-sister that can run for miles...

There is so much that the mirror cannot capture because much of us is not visible in the same way that our face is visible. So why do we act as if a thing as simple as a mirror will capture the entirety of an intricately woven creation? Why do we give the mirror so much power?

The most important truth about who you are is that you are God's girl. No more is needed. Take this Truth and own it, girl. You have all that you need to set the world on fire

My gosh you are so incredibly loved!

This was inspired through reading the book Beautiful Lies, written by author, speaker, wife, mother, daughter, friend, and ex-model You are MORE - Jennifer Strickland.

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