The gift of heaven and earth

A few months ago, one of my friends gave my a message board and it had the phrase on it: "All of this, and heaven as well."

This has become one of my favourite sayings that I often think of when I am overwhelmed by the beauty in this world or when something amazing happens. This saying always reminds me that God has given me all these things on this earth to enjoy. That it's all a gift from Him. But on top of that, God has give us the gift of eternal life with Him in heaven. What a huge blessing it is to know that there are so many gifts being given to us daily and yet we also have so much to look forward too.

As we move through these difficult times, let's remember all the good in this world and look for the good!

Let us never forget, that we were given this gift of life here on earth, but we were also given the gift of heaven! What a joy!

Have a wonderful day!

Praying for you all.

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