The call to Sainthood is for each and every single one of us.

Over this past week, I have been reflecting on what does it mean to be a Saint. We celebrated All Saint's day last Sunday, and this whole month we are praying for the souls of all those who have departed. I think this is a wonderful time for us to truly reflect upon our lives and the call to holiness that each one of us has. I have heard people say: "I'm not meant to be a Saint, that's too much." And it is a mighty big call for all of us. When I think about my life, I see all of the times that I have fallen to my own weaknesses. I would say that I have a longs way to go before I could be declared a Saint. But what I want us to remember is that each and every single one of us has this call to Sainthood. We are all marked by our Baptism to be in union with God. We are all called to love and serve the Lord. We are all called to holiness and greatness. Some of are called to be the next St. Mother Theresa! But some of us are also called to St. Zelie Martin. The thing about being a Saint doesn't mean that you have to be perfect always, but that you are striving. When I read about the life of St. Zelie, I was blown away by this Saint. In my head, Saints were always perfect. But here was this holy woman, who had a sassy attitude, was a straight shooter and told people like it is. She knew her weaknesses and strived to be better each day. Being a Saint isn't too much, it just means that you are trying to love God and live in union with His will for you. It means that you try to serve Him, and love those around you. The call to Sainthood is for each and every single one of us. Let's strive today! Praying for you. In Christ,

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