"Stop talking to that dang snake!" I laughed in my car as I heard these words from the ladies on the Abiding Together Podcast in one of their Advent episodes. It's not that this statement was just funny...but it was so true! How many times have I tried to negotiate my way out of things by playing with fire? How many times have I kept talking to that snake, only to find myself falling into temptation again and again? When will I learn that we cannot negotiate with sin or temptation? It is a destructive fire in our lives that if we start playing with it, it wont be a matter of IF we will get burned but HOW BAD we will get burned. Go back to Genesis for a moment...notice the difference between Eve's interaction with the devil and God's. Eve went into a discussion with him when he asked her about the fruit...God simply commanded him. Same happens when Christ himself was tempted. He didn't go into a negotiation with him, rather he went straight to stating Scripture to overturn those temptations. How do you handle moments of temptation? Do you try to negotiate your way out of it by your own strength...or do you turn to God and ask Him to take care of it? Walking Together, Sandra

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