Temporary band-aid solution

I remember as a young girl watching MTV Cribs and always being soo amazed at celebrities' houses. They would have all these cool rooms and gadgets, and some were so beautiful designed and arranged. I would sometimes wish that I had a house as big as that!

Looking back at those moments now I started to wonder, "Are those people's lives as beautiful and extravagant on the inside as they are on the outside? Does their home give an accurate reflection of their heart and state of their family? Or is it simply an external shell?"

This is only my simple guess, but I have a feeling many times all of these external luxuries create more of a shell to cover the deep wounds and hurt that reside underneath.

That is not to say that everyone with a beautiful and big house has a poor life...not at all. But I do want to bring our attention with this analogy to our own lives.

The external vs. the internal.

More often then not I have tried covering up internal messes with external shells. I'll focus more on having the perfect presentation rather than actually looking into the mess that is inside my heart.

The problem with that is trying to solve our problems by covering them up externally is only a temporary band-aid solution. Just like you can have a perfectly designed house, but have no home.

Everything we do, always begins from the inside.

Allow God's love to enter inside your heart so that it shines so bright that radiates on the outside, instead of your outside being a shell to cover up what is hurting inside.

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