Taking Care of Ourselves

I have been reading "12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos" by Jordan Peterson and I came across a really powerful point in one of the chapters. "It seems that people often don't really believe that they deserve the best care." (Peterson, 59) Reading that gave me a good reality check into my own life. How many times will I take on more that I can handle for someone else to be taken care of, but I don't give myself that same care when I need it? It's as if I am more inclined to go out of my way to help someone else compared to helping myself. Now I don't want you ladies to misunderstand me. I am not referring to a selfish, egotistical approach to self where "nothing matters but me". I am referring more so to true self-love...not selfish-love. We are all guilty of being our own worst self critics and acknowledging value in others more than we do in ourselves. Why? Why is it so easy for us to call out the beauty and value in our fellow sister in Christ so but easy for us to lose sight of that same value in ourselves? The answer to that question...is something that every single one of us has to sit down and discover. Yes it is all a result of original sin and our brokenness, but deep down it is also a result of different wounds and experiences that we went through and never fully healed. I really appreciated Jordan Peterson's approach to this dilemma we face. "Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping." Take care of your parent's daughter, your siblings sister, your husband's wife, your kids' mother...take care of God's precious daughter. Sometimes putting it into a bigger picture perspective, taking care of ourselves is not being selfish. It is taking care of our own families and the ones we love through, but taking care of the person they love dearly. You are valuable, you are important...and you deserve to be taken care of. Walking Together, Sandra

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