Take this step with God

Sometimes the hardest part of the single period of our lives is the unknowns of the future. We have so many questions about what to do with our future, and so many other aspects of our life that seem like they are on pause because we simply don't see them moving forward.

It's almost as though many of us feel like we are in some kind of race or competition to the finish line. That we have to compete with those around us, to reach those milestones so that we aren't left behind.

But God wants us to remember that that's not the purpose of our lives.

Our lives are not some type of rat race. It's a journey that is suppose to sanctify us and lead us to heaven. Whatever way God calls you to walk, He does it to sanctify you and to draw you closer to Himself.

In the past few weeks, I experienced fear regarding purchasing my first home. The reason wasn't so much as a financial one, but more so because I felt like this wasn't the vision that I had planned for myself. I always thought that this would be the step that I would take with my future spouse. And as I watched my friends get married, buy houses and have babies, I felt like I was behind and that I would never catch up to them.

But while working on my ability to fully trust God, He showed me that He has something beautifully different planned for my life. Perhaps my steps won't be what I had visualized for myself, that's true, but I know that I will be okay if I trust Him.

I don't have a spouse to buy a house with, but I knew I could take this step with God.

My dear sisters, we can't be fearful of our future, because the Lord has such an amazing plan for us. Our journey will be unexpected and probably different from what we envision and different from those of our friends, but guess what... That is totally okay! Each of our paths are created to make us holy.

If you're feeling anxious about what God has planned for your life, take some time to pray for your special path today. Pray that God may make your steps holy to sanctify you and draw you closer to Himself.

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