Take out the trash!

How many of you like taking out the garbage? I have a feeling it's safe to say that we don't exactly jump for joy with completing this task. Sometimes the bag is dirty, sometimes it's heavy, and sometimes it just smells so bad! But we still do it everyday, because we know that if we leave the garbage sitting for too long, the whole house begin the reek. This thought came to mind when I was listening to yesterday's Gospel about the healing of the blind man. I really feel God was trying to tell us something deeper by paying attention to the way Jesus healed this man. Jesus could have just placed his hand on the man's head, or said the word, and BAM...the man would've been able to see again. But notice what he does. First He spits on the ground to make mud, which he places on the man's eyes, and then He asks the man to "go and wash in the pool of Siloam" (John 9:7). When I was in Isreal, I remember driving by the pool is Siloam. Let's just say....you could tell you were close by the smell. This place was not a cute little pond...it was a dirty pool of water and junk. It smelled sooo bad! And Jesus asked the man to wash himself in that?! One would think that He is nuts! But God always has a deeper meaning behind everything He does and asks. Think back to taking out the garbage again. If you leave it sitting for too long it also begins to smell. What do you need to do? You need to actually go into that smell, get your hands a bit dirty in order to clean it up. Sometimes you can be up to your knees in garbage if it is left for longer period of time. The same is in our life. We have this tendency to just keep stuffing. The problem is that the more we stuff...this junk that we keep pushing down eventually begins to smell. Jesus isn't punishing us by asking us to go into that garbage, but rather He is saying that they only way to fully become clean and see again is to pull up your sleeves and go right into all the garbage we have been stuffing in order to clean it out piece by piece. It's messy work, and not exactly pleasant. But just like the blind man, the minute he came out of the pool of Siloam, he could see! The same is with us. The minute we finally come out of that garbage...our eyes will be cleaned and opened because now we will finally be able to see what was really there behind all the junk and garbage that covered it. Don't be afraid to take out the trash today ladies!

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