Take a breath, acknowledge where you are and take one step towards positive change.

I feel very lost recently. My days have become very random and unstructured… I feel like a bowl of alphabet soup for which I cannot find a spoon, nor a place to sit, let alone somewhere to warm it up in. I can no longer deny that much of my current habits are very poor. I lack discipline and motivation and I often feel chaotic. I know that I am working way below my potential and I am thankfully very displeased with this.

I initially thought it was an issue with focus, because I jump from task to task, doing a little bit of everything but completely nothing to my fullest capacity. What I have come to see is that the problem is the lack of direction.

Without a lack of specific goals I obviously won't know what to focus on.

So, I have used an approach that I heard referenced in a talk. The speaker explained that in order to fight against a civil rights issue we need to work backwards, starting with our end goal. After defining our end goal, we ask ourselves what we NEED in order to accomplish it. We keep going until we have broken down the end goal into specific, tangible tasks. The speaker specifically highlighted that, in order to effectively stand up for the cause, we need to ask ourselves what we NEED to do rather than what we CAN do.

This is the exact approach I have taken for my life. In the past few days, I have written down a list of goals in various domains (spiritual, career, physical) and asked myself "what do I need to do in order to get here?" until I had a very clear list of steps that I needed to take.

Although God may show me that He is calling me elsewhere, it is such a relief to have a FOCUS for now.

We can't live happily while living rigidly, nor can we live fully without purpose. It's important for us to intentionally use the time we are given, while being open to changes. In order to do this we need to see where we are headed so that we can make decisions accordingly.

It's okay if you have no idea where to go next. Take a breath, acknowledge where you are and take one step towards positive change.

Perhaps you can start by trying the approach I mentioned above! If you choose to do so, let me know if it was at all helpful!

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