Super Woman Mode

What is your typical reaction to feeling lost and overwhelmed? Is it anger and lashing out? Is it self-pity? Is it withdrawal and locking yourself in a bubble? My reaction is the third one...withdrawal and locking myself in a bubble. During these first few months of marriage that habit has definitely been tested and pushed because when I fall into my typical ways of coping I see how much it affects another person on a whole new level. Another typical reaction I do is what me and my friends like to call "Super Woman Mode." I was recently talking with a dear sister in Christ and we were having just a normal catch-up call. Naturally, I am about a subtle as a gun when something is off with me, so as good friends always do she decided to dive into that darkness with me. At one point she completely called me out and said, "Are you super woman now? You think you can just handle everything on your own?" But it was in such a loving, and also humourous way that I started to laugh inside as to how ridiculous that sounded. She was right. I had gone into Super Woman Mode and thought that I could just take care of it all on my own and save the world while I'm at it. My dear ladies, there is a reason why God gives us incredible people in our lives, especially our sisters in Christ. These women will call you out on your crap, but they will do it because they care and they see you are hurting and exhausted no matter how hard your convince yourself that you are completely fine. Mark Hart, a Catholic Evangelist, had this great quote, "When you feel you don't need to or want to pray, that is when you need to pray the most." The same goes with our friendships. In moments when you feel you don't need to reach out, that you have everything under control, is when you need to reach out the most. God has given you a life-line! Use it! The battle is much easier when you have someone fighting beside you. Reach out to your sisters and allow yourself to be loved by them. Walking Together, Sandra

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