Stuck in Something

Sometimes I feel like I am probably preaching to the choir with this one, but I have found that this reminder has always found me in times when I somehow seem to forget. This past week while talking to a few friends I have noticed this common pattern of feeling like we are stuck in something. For some of us it may be the weather that is taking a tole on us, for others it may be recovering fromthe cold or flu, and for someone else it may be an overwhelming feeling of not being able to find a good routine or the constant demand of things to be done. My dear ladies, whatever your struggle is today, I want to remind you that you are never alone. No matter how much it seems that way at times...never give that lie power! The devil wants us isolated, alone and feeling completely helpless. I'll admit there are times when that lie is so loud and convincing. But every time there has always been a sister in Christ who has called the lie out in me and reminded me that even though our struggles may be different...we are still together in our struggles. So if you feel alone today...I want this to be that reminder that we are all with you in that struggle. This is the beauty of how deeply united we are as a church. We are always connected to each other, but also to those in purgatory AND heaven! We have a whole band of sisters in Christ on earth and in heaven who are always walking with us! Lean on those sisters! Walking Together, Sandra

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