Strive to know the real truth

I was talking to my husband recently about life, what is going on in the world, etc., and we both would come back to the fact how there is so much confusion but also blind following. The media runs society, and society just follows without question.

I'll be honest, I don't have much drive or interest to keep up with the latest politics, but my husband does. I remember asking him once, "How do you know if what you are reading is true? Realistically anyone from any side can just post something or say something."

He told me, "You don't read just one source, you search through many and look into who wrote what. Then you bring your God given logic and reason to compare what is the real truth behind the lies. The truth is what sets your free, but it is usually the hardest to accept."

God gave us logic for a reason, to be able to distinguish the truth from the lies. Now granted, that can be easier said than done sometimes, but we can't expect to find the truth if we don't take the time to read and search for it.

The same goes with our faith. Strive to know the real truth and to know exactly what you believe in and why. Don't just believe for the sake of believing or because someone told you to. Read up on it, go and seek out God!

God reminds us to "seek and [we] shall find." (Mathew 7:7)

Don't just settle for what your hear or follow blindly. Seek out the truth, because knowing the full truth sets you free.

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