Strive to have friends that are focused on God

In life, we go through all sorts of experiences and meet lots of different people. We enter into romantic relationships or friendships with these people. But what I want us to reflect on is the types of relationships that these are.

I have come to a point in my life that I realize I know longer want to waste my time on relationships that both parties are not putting in an effort.

In the past, I put a lot of my effort into romantic relationships or friendships and I always ended up feeling used by the other person because it felt like to me that they only wanted to spend time with me when they wanted too. It felt like my time wasn't valued, and that I wasn't actually worthy of this friendship.

Looking back, I see how many toxic friendships I was in. Ones that always left me used instead of loved.

This past weekend, I spent time with some of my beautiful sisters in Christ and it was such a blessing. Each relationship is so uniquely different, but each one is genuine and real. They are all there in support of one another and to help each other strive. It never feels like someone is using you, or putting you down, but loving you for where you are in life.

My sisters, I want you to reflect on your friendships/relationships right now. Do you feel used by your friends? Do you feel like you might be in a toxic friendship where you are being torn down? If yes, then you might need to either leave this friendship or have a genuine conversation with this person about how you are feeling.

Strive to have friends that are focused on God. Those are the ones that will be filled with so many graces and joys.

Praying for you all.

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