Strive to draw closer to the Lord

For some of us this might be our second weekend of not being able to attend mass, and it is really difficult.

I was reflecting on this idea of not going to Mass on Thursday and the realization dawned on me, how for many of us, this feels like a purgatory on earth.

The idea of seeing the sacrifice of the Mass through our computer or TV screens, and being in His presence but still separated and not able to touch Him, can be heartbreaking.

In the same way, purgatory is this burning of our souls with desire for the closeness with God, but being separated from Him.

Let us use this time to try and try draw closer to the Lord. Even though we cannot leave our homes to go to God, we know that He is ever present with us.

In this time of darkness, and our purgatory on earth, let us strive for holiness! This will be the time that great Saints will be made. Reach for your rosaries to pray, be in full attendance in the Mass (even virtual), read your Bible, fast etc. There are do many ways that we can strive to draw closer to the Lord.

Praying for you all.

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