Strive to be holy

Know this: You can start fresh every morning!

Yesterday's mistakes, shortcomings and falls belong there, in the past. Today is a fresh day that the Lord has given us to try again. We have the opportunity to get up today, and give it our best shot.

The amazing thing about our God is how loving and forgiving He truly is. He loves us so much that He is always waiting to pour out His grace upon on. He awaits to spend this day with you! He hopes that you will include Him today in your struggles. He wants to hear about that person in your family who upsets you. He wants to lead you away from those temptations. He wants to be the one to pick you up when you fall down.

Today, I want us to remember, our past does not define who we are in the present moment. Our past may have shaped who we are today, but we have grown from it. We have conquered, overcome and are stronger because of it. This is a brand new day, and be present in it!

You were given today to strive! I want you to strive in this day to be HOLY! That is our goal for today, to try and be a living saint! Let us use this beautiful day that the Lord has given us! And if you have a moment of weakness, turn to Him, because He is always waiting to help you out.

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