Storms will come

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, and I think to a certain degree we all know that or have experienced that. Storms will come, downpours will come. In those moments it is so easy to just focus on the gray sky and doing everything possible not to get wet. We fall into these feelings of worry and anxiety of constantly being alert and on guard with our umbrella tightly clenched in our hands. What would happen if you dropped your umbrella and made the choice to dance in the rain? I remember walking home once I got caught in a storm and I was trying everything possible to stay as dry as I could. I would cover with my jacket and scarf, but at some point I was like "you know what...I'm done fighting this." And I put my jacket off my head and I just ran and danced in the rain. It was so freeing and beautiful! At that point it didn't matter how wet I was because I was able to find joy even in the midst of a storm. When you are hit with those rainfalls this week how will deal with them? Will you hold on for dear life to that umbrella trying so hard not to get a single drop of water on you? Or will you let it go...and learn to dance in the rain. Walking Together, Sandra

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