Step outside of your comfort zone

We all desire some form of control. It can come out in subtle ways, but deep down we all know this is something we struggle with. It reaches back to the very beginning of creation and the fall of Adam and Eve. The lie of the serpent was "You will be like God" (Genesis 3:5). It was the lie of not trusting God and feeling the need to take control of everything.

Looking at my own life I can sometimes see areas where I feel this anxiety, this need for control, and I know many of you can probably see those same areas in your own lives. It could be wanting that security in a job, it could be deciding when to start a family or how many children to have, it could be deciding whether a certain kind of work is necessary on Sunday, it could be the fear of losing your home or not being able to make a bill payment. The list goes on and on.

All of these fears in our lives create scenarios of 50 million possibilities of what could possibly happen and variations of worst case scenarios.

I started to realize more and more that sometimes you just need to let it all go. We say the cheesy quote, "Jesus take the wheel", but we never actually end up letting him drive because even if we let Him get into the driver's seat we become back seat drivers and are constantly telling Him to turn here or there.

Letting God take the wheel means letting Him call the shots. We will never be able to fully see God's power and work in our lives if we refuse to leave our comfort zone.

I've spoken to many people about this and I usually get the same comment. The minute they decided to take that step out of their comfort zones and just let God be God, things happened in their lives that they never would have imagined. Outcomes appeared that they never would have dreamed or thought of.

Maybe you are worried about how to provide for your family with everything going on, maybe your health feels all over the place, maybe you are struggling to know your vocation, maybe you're at a crossroads in a relationship. Whatever your situation might be, take that leap of faith with me today. Trust that God will lead your through it and provide you with everything you will need to get through this.

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