Step by step with Christ

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Come, walk with me, and I will give you rest

"Take [MY] yoke upon you and learn from Me..." -Matthew 11:29

We all know those moments when we feel completely overwhelmed, burdened by heavy loads that we carry in our hearts, and we feel just completely exhausted and hopeless. Many of us recall this passage from the Gospel of Matthew about coming to Christ and finding our rest. Notice how Christ doesn't just invite us to come to Him to rest, but He goes further and asks us to take upon His yolk.

Wait...how does that even make sense? First He invites us to rest and then He invites us to work? Ah...but the beauty is always found when you go deeper!

What is a yolk? This was used to strap two animals together to pull a load. They walked side by side and pulled together at the same pace and strength. Why would Christ call us to come and carry His yolk with Him?

Two reasons: we've created our own, or we've started carrying it by ourselves.

Have you created your own burden and convinced yourself that it is from God? Or have you stepped away from that reliance on God's strength and decided you can do everything on your own?

Many of us have, and many of us still do. Christ reminds us that the yolk, the cross, He has given to us is completely unique to us and our strengths, but also our weaknesses. But at the end of the day, He reminds us that we need to walk with Him and carry it WITH Him. Not in front of Him, or behind Him...but BESIDE Him.

I don't know what burdens you carry in your hearts, I don't know how heavy they feel. What I do know, is when we return back to Christ and remember that it is not our way but His way, and bring our focus back to Him, He truly does give us that rest. That eternal peace in our hearts, that no matter what we face and what load we will need to carry...we will concur and walk through it with Christ as our strength.

Don't rush to walk in front to get it over with, or hide and walk behind. Find your pace and walk, step by step, beside Christ.

Love and Prayers,


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