Stay true to the purity of your mind and bodies, and your soul will follow

I wrote the following reflection nearly 4-years-ago while I was dating my now husband. We weren’t even engaged yet, and I remember writing this wanting to share some thoughts on purity and practical tips that helped us with chastity. So from my younger, single self… Here is Friday’s thought!:

If you are called to the Sacrament of Marriage, and if it is God’s Will for your life to marry, that means that somewhere in this world is your future spouse.

Yes, take it in for a moment. Right this very second, the man you will spend the rest of your life with is out there.

You may know him or you may not – yet. But what I can tell you is that he is the one you will marry, the one you will start a family with, the one who will care for you, love and cherish you until the very moment you die.

Now, you won’t know with certainty who he is until you are both face-to-face at the altar making your vows before God, but until then, we have dating. Some of you will date many before you find him. Some of you may only date one. But again, you won’t know for sure until your wedding day.

So until then, remember that you are dating someone who could be someone else’s spouse. I’m sure we are all on the same page and hope that our future spouse is waiting for us. Because of that, we must make sure that not only do we remain pure but that we allow the person we are dating to wait for the one they are meant to be with.

Though we live in a fallen world where sex has lost its meaning in our society, always remember that sex is the most sacred act of self-giving love. The moment we unite with another person in sex, not only do our bodies unite but so do our souls. Our souls become one, and in that way, that person receives a part of us and we receive a part of them – forever.

The more we give away our gift, the less we have to give to the only one who deserves it – our future husband.

Girls, always remember your body is so sacred and is meant for only one person – don’t give anyone the privilege of having any part of it until they are your husband. And the same goes for you. Do not take any part of another person that doesn’t belong to you.

If you are in a relationship right now, make it a point to keep each other pure in every way for your future spouses and you will watch your love only grow stronger as time goes on.

If you are struggling with purity, here are some quick tips to helping you keep yourself and the one you are dating pure:

1) Try to go out as much as possible. Be in public places where you are unable to fall past a certain point

2) In the occasion you are alone, stay in a room where others are nearby. If you are in a room with a door – keep it open!

3) Pray for your purity together. By asking God for the strength, both of you will develop the tools you need to stay away from the near occasion of sin and remain focused on Him. Trust that Christ will always help you and guide you through this struggle too

God’s love can help us overcome everything, even the toughest of sins. We were created as sexual beings and though sex is a beautiful act, it is meant for only one person here on earth who will be the one you are meant to go through this life together with.

Ladies, stay true to the purity of your mind and bodies, and your soul will follow.

With love,


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