Start small

If you're like me, analysis paralysis is your second language, maybe even your first, meaning that decision making is your least favorite activity. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M are overwhelming for you because there is an option overload. There is simply nothing else you'd like to do less than to choose A, B or C. Enter more choices and it is game over.


SO, I walk myself through making decisions where the risk is very low. For instance, I was at Chapters the other day contemplating whether or not I should use a gift card to purchase a book of poems. Prior to this book, I had never owned anything like it so I was concerned that this was a waste of money, especially since some of the poems were so short.

Shortly after this question, other inquiries ensued: What is there's a better way to use my gift card? What if I will regret this purchase? What if this is a mistake? It was as if this decision would either make or break my future. I finally caught on to this pattern of what if-ing and I purchased the book.

I decided that if this really was in fact a poor decision, I would use future gift cards differently.

For me, this was a very low-risk situation where I can much more easily practice "learning from experience" and build up the confidence needed to make bigger girl decisions - life, love, career, and everything in between.

If you have trouble making decisions, start small, talk yourself through the moments of "analysis paralysis", and give yourself a chance to see that you CAN make good decisions for yourself and that you are able to learn from the decisions that weren't in your best interest.

You can do it!

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