Standards in a relationship

Hey girl, are you dating the right guy? This is a question that I have wanted to ask a lot of ladies! And I want to pose this question out there to all your ladies who are in relationships (but not married yet, because this is your time of discernment!).

There seems to be a culture of women entering into really bad relationships because of a fear of being alone. The older that you get, the more you feel pressured into just settling into whoever comes along. I really want us to break this cycle, because we never should settle for less than what we deserve.

For many years, I felt pressured by people around me. I was always asked if I was dating anyone or if there was someone special in my life. Pressure from friends and family to find the right person was always a thing. I really took time to reflect upon this and decided for myself that I was never going to settle for just anybody. I wanted to find a true man of God.

I believe that as woman we need to set realistic standards for ourselves. I'm not talking about: He has to be 6ft tall, blonde hair, blue eyes etc. The standards we need to set is: Does he have a relationship with God? Does he pray daily? Does he have a good relationship with his family? Does he treat his mother with respect? Does he have a good work ethic? Is he disciplined? Does he value chastity? Does he want children? Does he respect you?

If you are in a relationship ask yourself some of these key questions. And if you are not in a relationship, think about what standards you have created for yourself? Are you willing to settle or wait for the man that God if preparing for you.

Praying for you.

In Christ,

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