Spiritual Warfare

On Saturday my husband and I had planned to go to confession. As I was driving to work that day I was reminded of what happened the last time we planned a confession day...we got into a big argument before hand. I went into complete battle mode! I was reminded that anytime we plan to make use of the Sacraments or anything that will bring good fruit and growth in our lives, the devil will attack even more that day! Oh did he ever try! Both of us felt it, but this time...we were ready for it! It started off with my students being disruptive towards others, then intense and controversial questions during small groups. After that we made it to confession earlier, so to make sure that we would make it. One priest wasn't there, then the second one had to stop confessions early to leave to a different city... It was one thing after another! We looked at each other and had the same thought, "NOT TODAY SATAN!" We were going to have confession no matter what! And we did. When we got back to the car we started laughing, just thinking about how both of us saw this coming! It's crazy how you can pretty much predict that something will go wrong the minute you make a plan to draw closer to God. Spiritual warfare is such a huge part of our reality, but it makes our daily struggles less of a surprise and more of a push to persevere and lean on God for strength. Always remember that in the end...God will always win! Walking Together, Sandra

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