Spiritual Goals

I have been reflecting a lot on the things that I prioritize in my life: my family, friendships, health, job, my dreams and goals etc. What I have come to realize, is that sometimes, I might put my own personal things above my relationship with God. I often find myself focusing really hard on the physical aspects of my life and forget to make a true effort to grow in my spiritual life. I have become spiritually lazy. So how do I overcome this habit of spiritual laziness, by instilling spiritual goals. Just like we set our physical goals of fitness for ourselves, why not also make spiritual goals. Here are some of my goals: Read the bible over the course of the year Complete two Pompeii rosary novenas Go to adoration once a week Go to a weekday mass at least once a week It's simple small steps that we can take to grow in our relationship with God. Our life here on earth is very temporary. We have to remember that our relationship with Him, should be more important that anything else that we may ever accomplish here on earth. More important that job success, fitness goals, our earthly desires etc. All of it is temporary. What are ways that you want to grow in your spiritual life? Make some spiritual goals for 2020! Praying for you. In Christ, Diana

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