Spend Time With God

The world is so noisy. Our days are so busy. It's so easy to get overwhelmed.

What if there was a solution for that? What if there was a way to find peace in the midst of the unpredictable and hectic happenings of our day-to-day life? Surely, we would want to know what it was.

Well, there is one (and only one) solution.

We are so blessed to have a Father who offers us this kind of peace. He extends it, with His arms wide open, every second of our lives. All it takes is some work on our part to seek refuge in Him.

To the girl feeling overwhelmed reading this - I invite you to take a deep breathe right now. Know that this too will pass with some help from the Lord. But some action is required on your behalf:

Every morning when you wake, take 15 minutes of silence to spend some time with God. Before you check your phone, your social media, emails, or schedule for the day... Spend some time with Him. Those 15 minutes can be filled with prayer, reading of Scripture, or simple conversation with God. Think about what you are grateful for, ask Him for the strength you need to endure any trials you may face throughout the day, and ask for His guidance and protection. The Lord is so good. He will listen and bring an incredible peace into your heart. You can journal during this time, read the mass readings for the day, or read about the lives of the Saints. Anything that will fill your heart with encouragement, hope, and inspiration.

Whatever that 15 minutes will look like for you, know that it will truly set the tone for the rest of your day in the best way possible. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart on this day and watch the negative emotions seemingly melt away. It is a truly powerful witness of what God can do if only we invite Him into our lives.

Remember, the Lord is a gentleman; He will help, listen, and guide you through each day, but only if you let Him.

With love, Kasia

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