Soothe your soul

Abide is a Christian** application (1), free to download and pay to upgrade, that has: - Daily bible meditations - Sleep stories (even for kids!)* - Calming background music - Guides, which are mini theme-focused audio series, on topics like women, healing, and thankfulness - A space for you to journal, save your favorite meditations and track your progress * I've been using this application on/off for almost a year and my favorite part has been the sleep stories, which are now labelled with the author's name, so that you can return to the person who's voice is most soothing to you (my favorites are Tyler Boss and Bonnie Curry). The sleep stories, sometimes called 'sleepcasts' on other platforms, are separated into the following categories: bible stories, fiction, meditations, non-fiction and kids, so there's quite a library for us to choose from. I will say that I did eventually purchase the premium version because I was finding it extremely beneficial, and wanted to invest in myself in this way, but this is not a requirement. This application may be all you need in order to soothe your soul, or it may be one part of a larger healing plan that helps you breathe. You may also, like me, be switching between the same few resources, trying to feel out what is most effective and when. Or, you might not find these kind of applications supportive of your spiritual or mental goals, and that's okay too. Whatever it is that you need, in order to be more at peace, seek for it and commit. Abide highlights the correlation between Christian meditation and decreased depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress levels (2) so sister, help yourself find serenity, specifically in the One part of life that will never change. Life is just that much easier, and that much more enjoyable, when we can find an inner stillness, that is independent on the chaos that is sometimes our life. Girl, you are worth it! You will soon see that allowing yourself to connect with Peace is the biggest gift you can give yourself. I pray that you and I experience this soon and frequently! Feel free to check out an older video of how Abide works (3) and let me know, below, how it goes! Or if you already use it, share your feedback or other recommendations below! Love,

<3 PS - If we've tried everything and nothing at all seems to be working, maybe we will be able to find some solace and guidance in Mark 5:24-35. A friend of mine prepared this for a bible study the other day and it seems to fit perfectly with this topic. (1) https://abide.co/signup (2) https://abide.co/whymeditate (3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDPYw2lvElQ **Although this is not a Catholic application (you will not find come across the mention of saints or of Mama Mary), over my extended period of using this application, I have yet to come across anything, in it, that contradicts our faith. #Spotlight

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