Slow down, there is no need to rush when you know Him.

The younger generation has a new expression that they use: FOMO- Fear of missing out. And I think that a lot of us can relate to this feeling and experiencing this fear. Things may bypass us, we might miss out on an opportunity, a social event or something else, while everyone else having fun. But I want to leave you with this beautiful reflection that I read on this fear:

There is no need to worry. There is so much more ahead of you than you could possibly see or understand right now. There are so many more rivers to cross and mountains to climb, and all of these things will happen in time.

And even if the mountains take a little while to get to, and even if you have to tread a little further to get to them, God is still faithful in leading you, where you need to be and everything He does is with divine intention.

So slow down, there is no need to rush when you know Him.

The party won't start without you. No one is going to take your seat and you will not be replaced of forgotten. In Him, you no longer a reason to fear missing out. You only need to keep trusting, keep going, knowing that He will never leave you. He will never forsake you.

He will always give you what you need, and lead you right where you belong.

[Morgan Harper Nichols]

If you fear that in some way you are going to miss out on life, remember that You have a loving God who always has the most beautiful plans for your life. He is the one who holds a seat for you at His table. He is the one who is guiding you through the mountains and valleys. He is the author of your story.

Praying for you.

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