Sitting in silence

When was the last time you actively looked for a moment of silence or worked to create one?

I always thought that as a mom, that was impossible until after my daughter went to bed. But recently, God has revealed to me how to better tune into His voice by seeking silence in the day. I have been finding these moments while taking daily walks with my girl.

Yesterday was a perfect example of why I have been reflecting on this so much lately:

I was walking through the streets, pushing the stroller, and praying along with a scriptural rosary podcast when I hit a main road that was hustling and bustling with cars. Suddenly, the noise of the rosary drowned out and all I could hear was the cars driving by. I got flustered and lost track of where I was. It was frustrating.

I quickly navigated my way back to the side roads to bring back the quiet so that I could once again tune into prayer. As soon as I got to a residential street and began walking down it, I heard the sound of the cars behind me get quieter and quieter until it was silent once again. I could finally continue my rosary in peace.

This made me think about how silence IS in our grasp if only we actively seek it and make room for it. If the conditions around us don't foster it, tweaking them in manageable ways can help bring about a sense of quiet that allows us to better hear God's voice.

If I'm not praying or listening to a podcast on our walks, I just walk in silence, and it's always shocking to me how much comes forward. I tune into the Lord's voice in a way that helps me reflect on my state and I uncover various areas I need to work on. I also feel that He helps me in those moments work through things I may be struggling with. He is there, waiting to help me. All I need to do is give Him the time to be able to do that.

Find some time for silence and tune into His voice today. It is so incredibly powerful, and the fruits of silence are truly endless!

In joy,

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