The other day I saw on the Among The Liliesfacebook group a post from another young woman who I truly could relate too.

She mentioned how hard it was for her to live in this dating world, to try and find a Catholic guy who could actually see her for who she is.

My heart went out to this beautiful women, because I feel like this is something I think a lot of young single women feel in this day and age because we are bombarded constantly with social media and it makes us feel horrible about ourselves. That we are not good enough, and someone won't love us for who we are. But all of those thoughts are a lie and are not from God. So let's tackle that first. You are worthy!

It often can feel like our friends in relationships often can't relate to what it is actually like within this dating culture. And the older you get the more you feel alone in this. But you are not alone!

I really wanted to speak to the single women out there who are in their 20s, 30s and older, and for you to realize that you are not alone. And you have a beautiful place. Especially within the church.

She made a point to say that she doesn't feel like she has a special place there. And I want to tell you all that you are desperately needed for this church to continue to thrive.

Our married ladies are a blessing to the church in a very important way. But you single ladies right now have a key role to play. I think as single women we have the responsibility to take an active role in the church that a married mother may not be able to do.

So what can that role look like? You can join a ministry team and help your local diocese. There are lots of organizations that help the homeless, crisis centres in need and pro-life centres. You can reach out to help out with the youth ministry team and help the next generation. Or you can do something as simple as pray for the church. I don't think enough of us are praying for the church. There is always an active role that you can do right now, you don't have to wait till you are married and a mother to feel like you belong to the body of the church. You right now belong there.

My single ladies, we have a great responsibility. Don't let these single years pass you by. Use this time to truly live it out purposefully.

I am praying for you all every day.

In Christ, Diana

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