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Last week, one of our bloggers talked about the power of vulnerability and how it invites others to be vulnerable as well when we take a moment to share our story with them.

Have you had a moment when you felt like your story wasn't enough? We hear so many stories from different speakers and sometimes we look at our own and think "I haven't gone through all of that, what impact can my story make?"

I had that exact same feeling.

About 7 years ago I went on a walking pilgrimage to the Martyr's Shine in Midland and on the last day we went to the field were these saints were tortured. There was a simple wooden cross in the middle, and in front of it was a box with stones. Each stone had a word written on it. We were told to say a prayer to the Holy Spirit, close our eyes and take out a stone.

I reached my hand in and pulled out a stone. On it was written "WITNESS." What the heck was I supposed to witness too? That was my first thought. I felt like my story was so dull, that I had nothing to really offer as a witness.

About 5 years after that a friend of mine called me asking if I would come to her youth group and give a witness to her girls. Instantly my thoughts were taken back to that moment when I picked the stone.

The beauty about your story, is that it is yours! It is completely different from anyone else. Maybe there is someone who is going through the exact same thing, but has no one to relate too and through hearing your story is given a sense of hope that they are not alone.

My dear ladies, I didn't realize how powerful my story was until I shared it for the first time. To me, my story seemed boring, dull, uneventful. But to someone else, it was a beacon of hope. It was a sign that they are not the only one going through these things and that there is hope!

Sharing your story takes courage, and I pray that God grants you that courage dear sisters!

Don't be afraid to share your story, no matter how simple it may seem. It is yours, and it has the power to change the world!

Walking Together, Sandra

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