Shame of failure and grief

When you fall down, how often do you run to God first? Or do you hide? Try to deal with it yourself? Try to cover up your shame of failure and grief?

Those emotions are pretty normal for when we fall into temptation and sin. That reaction stems all the way back to our first parents, who also sinned and ran away from God and hid. But what we have to realize is that God is always going to come and look for us, just as He did then. He already knew what they did, and yet He still sought them out.

In the same way, God comes looking for us in our failures and our faults. He is there, ready to restore our souls. The difference between us and Adam and Eve, is Christ. We have already been set free from our sin, and all we have to do is keep running back. If you are struggling, go to confession, and turn to the Lord. All He wants to do is to restore your soul back to it's original glories state. He has the power to do that.

Instead of hiding, and beating yourself up, run to God. Ask Him for the graces you need today. The grace to over come your shortcomings, your struggles and things that hurt His most precious heart.

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