Seeing my beauty

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there. ~James 1:17

My dearest sisters, I have recently been thinking a lot about compliments and what our reaction is when someone pays us a compliment. I know that a lot of us struggle with this. We start to say "Nooo" or we say "really? but my hair looks so bad today."

We have this way of deflecting the good that someone sees in us. But when we do this, we are dismissing what someone is seeing in us, which is the beauty of God.

My sister when you say "No" or start pointing out your flaws you are hiding God's beauty and wonder, that the other person has recognized within you.

One way that some people see God (even without realizing it!) is through beauty! And sometimes God uses us as tools show His beauty to the world!

Instead of saying "No" or pointing out my flaws, I have recently started to try and do something else. Whenever someone pays me a compliment, I say "Thank you, it's a gift from God." Because if I think about it, all that I have been given here is not mine and I can lose it at any moment. It is always a gift from God. (and it's also a great way to evangelize! Bonus!)

Humility does not mean we have to put ourselves down, which I find that we really tend to do. Instead, humility asks us to receive this person and accept what they say. Whether that be criticism or even a compliment.

Today my sisters, I want to make it our goal for our selves. No more: "Noooo" or "but.."! Let us say: "Thank you, it's a gift from God."

I am praying for you, my beautiful sisters.

In Christ, Diana♥

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