Seeds take time to grow

I remember in elementary school when we did the bean plant project. We had these little plastic cups and we planted a seed that was supposed to grow into a bean stalk.

I was so excited to watch my little bean grow! I had very high hopes for this project. I was going to be the first one with my plant fully grown! I would water it properly, give it enough sunlight and love...the works!

Out of all the virtues that we have...patience was not one that I was blessed with. So when I came back to school the next day to find my bean plant still underground and barely poking out from under the soil I got pretty frustrated and upset.

"I did everything right! I gave it the right amount of water, the proper sunlight...why is it not growing yet?!"

How many times have we planted seeds in our own lives or in the lives of others and but found that these seeds didn't grow right away? Many times it would lead me to this feeling of hopelessness that this whole prayer stuff just doesn't work, and clearly God is just not answering this prayer for me.

What I failed to remember every time is that seeds take time to grow. Yes some will grow faster than others, but there is no such thing as a magic switch when it comes to prayer. It's not pixie dust.

Sometimes I would feel like I was praying for the same intention for years and years and nothing would change. But God works in these amazing, and sometimes sneaky, ways! Something would happen and I would look back to my time of praying and waiting. It's like my blinders were removed and I was able to see all the little places where God's work was present and how each step lead to this final moment that I have prayed for this whole time.

My dear sisters, fruits take time. Just because we don't see them right away, that doesn't mean that they don't exist. God is working always.

Walking Together,

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