Searching for yourself?

How many times have we heard people say: "I had to find myself!"

So often we look to better ourselves, in ways like health and fitness, in education, and in our careers. We look to create this perfected image of who we want to be. We go out searching for this ideal.

But I think this idea of "searching for yourself" misses the mark of becoming the person who you are truly meant to be. The person that God is calling you to become. When we strive to become holy and well rounded people in the eyes of God, everything else falls into place as well.

We can work on our physical health, while pursuing to build the temple of God within us. We can pursue an education, to build our knowledge to educate others and ourselves. We can have careers that we use to help grow the community of God.

When we strive to become the people that God desires us to be, that is the only true way that we will find our true selves.

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