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I love doing question panels with my students because it always amazes me the questions they have. Sometimes they can be more humourous and you can tell that they just wrote something for the sake of writing, but other times you get very deep questions. I used to struggle with how to approach students that challenge the truth about faith and God, but now I've started to appreciate those questions a lot more! I get excited when we get those questions because for me that is a sign that they are searching. I was raised cradle Catholic and I never really took the faith as my own until much later in life. I did all the right things, prayed, went to church, upheld traditions, but if you were to ask me why I was doing that or why I believed I probably would not have been able to answer you. My faith was very mechanical and simply a routine for me when I started off. What changed was eventually my faith got challenged, whether it was from those around me or different circumstances in my life that changed. That is when I started asking question, I started searching for answers, I started going deeper. If your faith remains just mechanical or "because someone told me to", unfortunately it will only remain surface level and is more prone to being shaken. But if your faith has depth, if you have taken the time to ask question, search for answers and seek the truth and you made that decision of believing ALL IN because you found that truth...then there is no power on this earth strong enough to shake that kind of faith. Once we find the truth, the "real deal", nothing else measures up! When I look at these kids who ask questions, maybe sometimes challenge the faith, but you can tell they are searching...I am beyond excited to see what God will be able to do with them one day. Because these kids won't settle for believing in something just because someone else told them too, they will believe because they searched and discovered that GOD IS THE TRUTH! Regardless where you are in your faith, don't be afraid to ask questions. But don't stop there...search for the answers! God reminds us in Jeremiah "When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart." (Jer 29:13) Walking Together, Sandra

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